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Money Tree Plant

When you’re looking for a gift that is as unique as it is beautiful, you can’t go wrong with a lucky money tree. They’re the ideal choice for any occasion from birthdays to sending congratulations wishes. Shop Proflowers’ extensive selection and make someone you love’s day a lot brighter.

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Money Trees from Proflowers

Send lucky money trees to friends and loved ones embarking on new careers or businesses. Proflowers offers these and other miniature trees for sale many times throughout the year. Order today! Study after study reiterates the benefits of bringing nature into working spaces. Not only do plants clean the air, they’ve proven to reduce stress levels as well. Proflowers also ships the best bonsai trees and ornamental trees to any home or work place. Need indoor trees like mini Christmas trees? Proflowers wide selection includes juniper and cypress, too, as well as fragrant gardenias and azaleas groomed into bonsai form.   In addition to the unique beauty of the Money Tree, we also offer a great selection of beautiful and easy-care flowering plants, such as potted hydrangeas and the elegant peace lily. Plants make wonderful gifts for every occasion. You never have to worry about choosing the right color or size. Plants are always right.   Order lush, green money plants online to fit even modest budgets. Proflowers uniquely short distribution chain creates savings for consumers. The money tree thrives outdoors only in tropical climates, but indoors, it can live for years. The key is providing abundant indirect, not direct, sunlight and plenty of moisture in the air and soil.   Get all your gifting done at Proflowers. Where we started out strictly with flowers, consumers told us they needed more gifts they could buy and send so quickly and easily. We then expanded to personalized keepsakes, gourmet food items, plants and more! During this time, we’ve made sure that we only send products of the highest quality. Our award-winning, 24/7 customer service team helps you select the right gift and a convenient delivery date.