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Multicolor Roses

The bright colors of our assorted rose bouquets are perfect for any occasion.

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Multi-Colored Roses Delivered

Roses come in such a great variety of shades and hues, and when you gather all of them together, they make a radiant bouquet. Multi-color roses are a classic way to show affection and admiration to those closest to you. With five brilliant hues, these colorful roses are great ways to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, as housewarming flowers, or show hopes for new opportunities. What better way is there to show your devotion and love than an order of gorgeous roses?   In a bouquet of multi-colored roses, each rose color has its own special meaning—white roses are for innocence, different shades of pink show appreciation and admiration, orange means enthusiasm, and yellow roses symbolize a happy friendship. By bundling all of these colors together, a vase of multi-color roses communicates all of these emotions and ideas. While it is well known that a red rose symbolizes love and beauty, combinations of different colors can signify entirely different concepts. For example, pairing the classic red rose with white roses demonstrates a desire for unity. When yellow roses are mixed into red roses, the sender is communicating joy. Any celebration can be brightened by these bouquets of roses, since they convey the best emotions of any relationship.   Roses of all colors are at their most beautiful in the spring, summer, and fall, but they make an exquisite surprise present for everyone at any time of the year. With their delicate fragrance and bright petals, multi-color roses are an exquisite way to bring elegance and beauty to your loved ones' lives. Order a dozen to show commitment to friendship, or 24 to let them know that they are always on your mind. A gift of monthly roses will be a continual reminder of your love and affection. With proper care, a vase of roses should last for at least a week. A bunch of roses are a classic gift that anyone will appreciate, so order a dozen or two online today!