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Preserved Roses

Enjoy long-lasting roses all year long with exquisite, preserved roses from Proflowers. These 100% natural flowers are preserved in a moment of freshness to enjoy more than two years of beauty.

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Preserved Roses in a Box

Everyone loves to receive flowers to honor a special occasion, sent by a loved one to remind them that they are special. Every time their beauty catches the eye, we’re reminded of the thought and love that went into ordering them. However, the initial excitement can’t last since the time quickly comes to throw away the faded, shriveled remains after only enjoying them for a few days. But now Proflowers offers preserved roses in box that last longer than traditional rose bouquets. Preserved roses are not artificial or dried flowers, but fresh, live roses that have been specially treated to last up to a year or longer! Imagine receiving an extravagant arrangement of fresh roses whose vibrance can be admired for an entire year! These long-lasting preserved roses are artfully arranged in a beautiful box that is especially designed to put on display to be featured and enjoyed all year long. Unlike fresh flowers that have to be carefully hung and dried before they can be “preserved,” ProFlowers’ preserved roses retain their lively luster so they look as fresh as the day they arrived.

Make the Moment Last with Preserved Roses 

Marking a special occasion by sending flowers will always put a smile on your loved one’s face. But imagine if you can keep the memory of the special occasion alive by keeping the flowers alive longer than a week as well. Choosing a bouquet of preserved roses to highlight a special occasion is a unique gift that will continue to remind your sweetheart of your thoughtful gesture long after an ordinary bouquet would wilt away.  Proflowers offers these special, long-lasting roses in a variety of colors that make it easy to choose which best suits your occasion. Perfect for a milestone birthday, a meaningful anniversary, or a special life moment, our preserved roses are strikingly arranged in beautiful, decorative box perfect for display. And the best part is they’re real, live flowers! Whether you display them in your office at work or in a place of honor in your home, everyone will comment on the magical beauty of these unique, long-lasting roses.

Real Flowers that Last All Year 

Take your flower-giving to the next level with preserved roses in a box from Proflowers. Your sweetheart won’t be able to forget your thoughtful gesture all year long, as these special, long-lasting roses maintain their splendor throughout the year. Our delivery team will deliver your preserved roses looking fresh and beautiful, and they’ll continue to look that way for the next year. Explore Proflowers’ online display of preserved roses in a box online so you can make your next special occasion truly one to remember.